Youji Kudou


Youji Kudou (工藤 耀爾)
Code Name
Blood Type
182cm or 5'9
Image Flower
March 3 (Pisces)
Harigane (thin, strong wire)
Shinichirou Miki
English dub
Marc Diraison

Youji (ヨージ?) is a ladies' man and a former private detective. It is that he once ran a Private Investigator Agency with his first love, a young woman with sunglasses and a distinctive beauty mark named Asuka Murase. Asuka, however, was shot and killed while investigating the members-only Liott club, which hides a prostitution ring. He joined Weiß to protect all the other women of the world because he couldn't protect his love and partner, and this explains his insensitive-seeming practice of only accepting missions that have to do with women of legal age. Previously a member of Kobe Kritiker.

Personality and Traits Edit

Yoji is laid back and a quintessential ladies man. He is easy going and jokes about often. Nevertheless he is serious when dispatching evil and covers his team mates without question.

youji Kudou

History Edit

Youji worked as a detective where an incident involving his colleague Asuka Murase caused him to join Weiss.

Role in the Series Edit

Florist by day, a member of vice by night, ladies man Youji has a policy of taking missions that involve beautiful woman. Nevertheless, Youji takes part with Aya, Ken and Omi to dispense justice to major threats to Japan.

He is seen delivering flowers whilst systematically monitoring Machiru to ensure her safety. He delivers a letter asking her to meet him at a snow side retreat, and plays along with Ken under the pretext he sent one of many love letters to Machiru by mistake. Him and Omi entertain Akiko and Machiru and Youji sits beside Machiru with his arm draped around her opposite Akiko. He joins Omi to assist Ken and Aya when their car breaks down. When their absence was enough to lure out the scalper gang, Youji ensnares one chasing Ken and ends his reign of terror.

Relationships Edit

Aya Edit

Often there's a bit of tention between the two about Yohji's womanizing, especially in Kapitel. In Glühen they get into a fight about Yohji's relation with Tuji, and such, but especially in the end he does show clearly, that there's quite some sympathy, too.

Ken Edit

He maintains a joke stating that Ken had messed up and was meant to deliver a love letter to one of two woman he was seeing. He also gives him a tongue-lashing about wanting to follow Yuriko, and is overall not afraid to call him out. Apart of that, they're pretty buddy-buddy and often team up.[1]

Omi Edit

He teases Omi a lot, like saying that he slipped and went right up a girls skirt, and Youji says he doesn't think it was an accident - yet they seem friendly with each other overall.[2]


Yohji often comments quite openly how attractive he finds Manx. She always quite crudely, if not coldly turns him right down each time, and seems a bit contemptuous towards him overall.

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Weapons and Skills Edit

  • Wire: this strong durable wire is kept concealed in a wrist watch. It is incredibly durable with it not snapping and able to knock out foes.

Quotes Edit

  • "Tonight marks the end of your terror and crime" - Episode 1

References Edit

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