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Weiss kreuz

Weiss Kreuz

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Weiss Kreuz (ヴァイスクロイツ, Vaisu Kuroitsu, lit. German for "White Cross") is a series about four assassins that work in a flower shop called "The House of Kittens", a reference to their feline codenames. The assassins are members of a group called Weiss (white), which is run by Persia of the mysterious Kritiker organization.

In addition to the two seasons of anime and one OVA series, the Weiss Kreuz franchise also includes a light novel, two manga series, and several drama CDs. Media Blasters released the anime in the North America as Knight Hunters: Weiss Kreuz.

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"Hunters of the night, deny these evil beasts their tomorrow!"

Weiss Kreuz is an elite group of assassins working to eliminate extreme menaces to Japan. It is comprised of Aya, a skilled katana fighter, Ken with metal claws, Omi who wields various projectile weapons and Youji who uses lethal wires. A mysterious man, known only by his code name: Persia, brings the various menaces to society to their attention. It soon transpires that many, if not all of their missions are in a way connected to the rich, powerful and politically influential Takatori family, one of Japan’s most prominent clans.

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