This is the page for the Weiss Kreuz (ヴァイスクロイツ) anime details. For the episodes: List of Weiss Kreuz Episodes.

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The four men of Weiss are a group of assassins working undercover at a flower shop during the day. They dispatch evil that the law cannot touch, though they find that there are connections between some of their cases and a larger force at work.

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Main article: List of Weiss Kreuz Episodes

Production Details Edit

Original author: Koyasu Takehito & Project Weiz


  • Kazuhiko Inomata
  • Kouichi Kikuchi
  • Tetsuya Watanabe

Character Design: Tetsuya Yanagisawa

Written by:

  • Shigeru Yanagawa
  • Isao Shizuya
  • Yuuji Kawahara
  • Sukehiro Tomita

Director of Photography: Hideo Okazaki

Director of recording: Hiromi Kikuta

Music: Kishow Yamanaka

Editor: Kazuo Inoue

Art director: Wiki Takeshi

Opening sequence created by: Masami Obari

Director: Kiyoshi Egami

produced by: Polygram k.k. Animate Film

Project . W

Presented & Distributed b: TMS Kyokuichi Corporation

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Media Blasters

For the second season see Weiss Kreuz Glühen

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