Omi Tsukiyono


Real Name
Mamoru Takatori
Code Name
Bombay (Kapitel), Persia (Glühen)
Blood Type
163cm or 5'3
Image Flower
February 29 (Pisces)
Crossbow, blow gun, arrows and darts
Hiro Yuuki
English dub
Jamie McGonnigal

Due to his computer skills, Omi (オミ?) is in charge of gathering information and planning Weiß's missions. He uses a crossbow, bow and poisoned darts as his weapons. Omi was kidnapped when he was eleven, and as his father refused to pay ransom, he was saved by Persia who trained him for a killer.[2] Omi lost his memories due to shock and doesn't remember his life before Kritiker at the start of the series, but as the action unfolds he discovers he is in fact Mamoru Takatori (鷹取衛Takatori Mamoru?), son of Reiji Takatori - head of the Takatori family, who are in some way related to almost all the missions the boys have to take. Later, in the Dramatic Precious drama CDs, he finds out that he is really Shuichi Takatori's biological son. He assumes the position "Persia" in Glühen.

Personality and Traits Edit

Omg can get somewhat emotional but is otherwise cheerful.

History Edit

When he was younger Omi was kidnapped and held to ransom. When his father refused to pay the ransom he panicked and managed to escape where he taken in by Persia and raised as a member of Weiss. He repressed this traumatic experience as he grew.

Role in the Series Edit

Omi works at a flower shop along with Aya, Ken and Youji that is inundated with admirers. This is a good cover for their real role as members of Weiss, an offshoot of the Kritiker law enforcement agency to keep Japan safe. They are tasked with stopping threats to society.

Omi joins the rest of the team in a snow resort. Him and Youji joke around before Omi receives a call from Ken. Him and Aya have broken down and they leave to help them. Their absence successfully lured out the criminal gang and Omi shoots one dead when they attempt to murder.

Omi joins Ken and they cover Aya who has infiltrated a criminal ring where humans are used as chess pieces in gladiator fight to the death scenarios. Omi thinks ahead and takes measures with Ken to defend Aya in case guns are used by his opponent. Omi detonates explosoves laid out by him and Ken to bring down the operation and Omi effectively monitors Aya and saves him from armed men with his crossbow covering fire.

Relationships Edit

Aya Edit

Omi says Aya's mystique is what makes him attractive to the ladies. He takes pre-emptive steps to ensure Aya's safety considering that guns could be used, and covers him. In Glühen especially, Omi shows subtle admiration, if not adoration for him.

Ken Edit

From the way they are shown to always care for and hold body contact with each other, they seem to be really close friends.

Yoji Edit

He does call Yoji a pig when the latter declines to take part in a mission citing the lack of damsels in distress

Ouka Edit

Ouka appears to have liked Omi for a while, competing with other girls for his attention.

Persia Edit

The director of Weiss rescued Omi when his father wouldn't and trained him as a member of Weiss.

Weapons and skills Edit

Omi predominantly makes effective use of projectile weapons ranging from the following:

  • Crossbow: capable of firing multiple shots at once
  • Archery: capable of using a recurved bow
  • Poison Darts

Random Facts Edit

  • His birth name was Mamaru Takatori

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